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Exterior Stucco Finishes 

Our Process

At Tesuque Stucco Company, we guarantee complete satisfaction.  We will evaluate your home or commercial building step by step per the manufactures specifications and offer a fair competitive bid. Our experience, expertise, and attention to detail set us apart from the other exterior stucco companies. Plus, we promise your stucco will last far beyond 10 years and offer a 12 year warranty as a guarantee.

Stucco From Start to Finish

Step 1 – Clear

We begin by trenching the entire perimeter around the building and walls where the soil meets the foundation, this allow us to apply a seamless stucco finish just below grade level.

Step 1 - Clear

Step 2 – Clean

Next we power wash the walls using a pressure washer to clean the entire surface of dirt, loose and spalling stucco. This will give us a good base in which to apply a stucco finish.

Step 2 - Clean

Step 3 – Repair

Using an acrylic non-sag crack filler we coat the surface to seal and weatherproof any visible cracks. (Used for stucco renovations)

Step 3 - Repairs

Step 4 – Protect

Using a high performance mesh and resin we can protect the exposed parapets from the harsh elements, mainly freeze and thaw cycles during the winter months, which do the most damage.

Step 4 - Protect

Step 5 – Prime

Apply primer to ensure uniform appearance to finish or coating product.

Step 5 - Prime

Step 6 – Finish

We apply a decorative and protective wall finish by hand to ensure maximum longevity.

Step 6 - Finish