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At Tesuque Stucco Company, we primarily apply two types of stucco color coat finishes — Traditional Cement Stucco finishes and Synthetic Stucco finishes — both of which are applied by hand. Since we stucco each project by hand, our skilled stucco craftsmen have the ability to create your desired finish.


Traditional stucco has been applied to homes and buildings by hand for generations. Traditional stucco is made from Portland cement, sand, lime and water. Traditional stucco can only be applied to an existing traditional cement stucco substrate unlike Synthetic stucco, which does not have this same limitation.

Synthetic stucco was first used as a way to patch walls, until builders realized how energy efficient the material was; it soon became the alternative to traditional stucco. Synthetic Stucco finishes are also typically hand trowel applied, but can also be spray applied to vary the appearance of the final product. Once applied to the wall, synthetic finishes provide a color fast, water-resistant quality, while also being flexible to bridge hairline cracking. These finishes offer pueblo style homes and buildings the best overall protection and performance.


There are some limiting factors for texture when it comes to re-stucco. These factors are generally determined by the underlying surface for the new stucco finish. If a sand finish is applied to a home or building, then the underlying texture should also be sand finish stucco; unless you are going for a heavier more textured brocade stucco finish.

If your home or building has a brocade texture, and you would like to change the appearance of the finished stucco, our certified stucco craftsmen can suggest a way to modify the brocade finish and create a smoother surface to meet your desired look.

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In the Southwest, there are only a couple of textural styles that predominate the region. The first and more desirable color coat is a sand-finish texture, which is applied with a steel finish trowel and then finished with a sponge or plastic float. The sand finish texture has a smooth and pebble-like appearance. Sand finishes can be applied with both types of stucco products, and can be made to look very smooth and flat, or coarse and lustrous.

The second is a brocade texture, which is also applied with a steel finish trowel, yet is applied in two coats or passes. The finished appearance of a brocade texture will yield a rougher and distinct pattern on the wall. Arguably the more durable of the two textures, due to its thicker build and crack disguising quality, this texture can also be applied in both stucco grades of stucco finish.