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Quality Work and Good People

Rated 5 out of 5
November 30, 2020

We were very pleased with the re- stucco of our home. Our house looks GREAT and stands out in our neighborhood thanks to the team at Tesuque Stucco! I would like to mention the following folks who went above and beyond in providing excellent service and work: Bryan (sales), Ramona (office), Andres (supervisor), and Omar and his crew for their on-site work. Check this local company out if you need stucco work done at your home – we highly recommend Tesuque Stucco.

– Tim E

Tim Epling


Rated 5 out of 5
November 7, 2020

Tesuque Stucco far exceeded any expectations that we had for: 1) Quality of the work, 2) Durability of the product used, 3) Tesuque Stucco’s Reliability, and 4) The sheer aesthetic beauty of the stucco and overall finished job.

Per the Quality of the work. This was not a “slop the stucco on and get paid” project. With their steady pace, it took longer than the other stucco contractors that we had received bids from – i.e., companies located both Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Tesuque Stucco often had over a dozen men on the project at any given time. This is probably the basis for their offering a 12-year warranty.

Per Durability of the product used, Tesuque Stucco did (as their website says) select the highest quality of stucco for the project. This was confirmed by an engineer (our property manager) who did deep “product research” of all available stucco products on the market.

So far, the stucco that Tesuque Stucco applied is holding up like steel through windy/wet/freezing winter weather and the intense Summer heat.

That said, we did have a problem that affected the stucco. The house has a structural issue. The first story is adobe and the second story is regular wood-fame construction. The contraction and expansion between the two caused a slow separation on the outside wall that produced a hairline crack.

When Tesuque Stucco was called for advice, they immediately scheduled a supervisor (Andres) to come and inspect it. I was expecting a typical recommendation that I get my ladder out and caulk it with silicon – which I had tentatively considered to be the easiest/cheapest solution. Or, more likely, I was expecting a robust estimate of cost from Tesuque Stucco to professionally repair the crack.

After showing them the crack I left them for ten minutes to take a phone call, while they got their ladder to do an inspection. When I returned, they were already repairing the crack with an industrial strength fiber sheet and a robust gray cover-coat. And, they were also inspecting the rest of the house for any other needed stucco repairs. When done, Andres then told me that they would return in a week or so, after the repairs had dried, so as to put on the final stucco “color coat” (which would identically match the surrounding walls). Finally, and even more amazing, Andres and Jose said that there would be no charge for the repairs. Who else in New Mexico stands behind their work like this, even when they are not contractually required to do so? By-the-way, Jose did return and put on the “color coat” and it blends perfectly (no repair is visible).

Per Reliability, our property manager said that Tesuque Stucco’s sizable crew was on time and worked diligently. They cleaned up at the end of each day. But, one day, after they left, the wind suddenly blew stacked material all over the place. However, when the property manager called them about this, they immediately sent a whole crew back out to pick up. Tesuque Stucco is not only reliable, but dependable.

Per Esthetic Beauty, our house has exotic angles, curves or contours that would require experience, a steady hand, profound patience, and an artist’s eye to property restore. The house is an art-piece itself. It is said that many stucco contractors exemplify the comment that “anyone who can pick up a trowel can do stucco.” Not so.

We were overseas for more than six months when our house was being renovated and we were awed at the beauty of the stucco when we first spotted the house from the road. We love the way that the house’s exterior presentation has been accented with the stucco to acknowledge its many details, but we also love the stucco’s unique color, texture and consistency.

We understand that Tesuque Stucco is one of the most busy stucco companies in New Mexico (for many reasons), but when scheduling them for a project, if one is patient, Tesuque Stucco Co. is well worth waiting for.


Work was Flawless

Rated 5 out of 5
September 11, 2020

We have used Tesuque twice to restucco our house and shop. Each time the work was flawless. The crew was careful with the application and cleaned up all ares when finished. The color matching was very good.

Christine W.


Rated 5 out of 5
August 10, 2020

We highly recommend Tesuque Stucco for any stucco work. This is the second time we have utilized their services. Martin is an excellent source of information and advice for planned work. The crew was very professional and efficient even going above and beyond with this job. Their previous stucco work of 10 years ago is still looking very good.

Randy Hoebelheinrich

Hard workers and responsive

Rated 5 out of 5
August 10, 2020

Omar and his crew were hard workers and responsive to any questions we had. We really appreciated their skill.

Ronn M
Richard HillRichard Hill
22:48 29 Aug 22
Javier and his crew were excellent. They were always on time and made sure everything was cleaned up when they left for the day. I can't say enough about the excellent workmanship and attention to detail
Kathy IskowKathy Iskow
19:18 24 Aug 22
Our meeting with Bryan was so informative and friendly. He gave us so much information so we would make a competent decision on re-doing our home.
Omar Zerate and his crew were awesome and accommodating! Thank you Omar!Sales and project management were highly responsive and worked hard to ensure that all the "i"s were dotted and all the "t"s were crossed!Thank you, Tesuque!
Scott WilliamsScott Williams
03:26 18 Jul 22
It is a rare pleasure these days to find a contractor that provides timely and quality service. Our home was in need of a makeover due to an extremely poor stucco job completed as part of a remodel a few years ago. On the recommendation of some friends, we contacted Tesuque Stucco in Corrales. Based on our schedule, Ramona arranged for Bryan to meet with us in late February. Bryan did a thorough assessment of our needs, provided some options and prepared an estimate. He made us aware that the company had a number of projects ahead of us but would try to fit us in if a slot opened. We were pleased that Felipe and his crew came available to do the prep work on the house in May, completing all the items discussed with Bryan and leaving the site in great shape. Ramona scheduled our finish work for late June and Ashton contacted me to confirm a June 30 start. Eleazar and his finish crew arrived early on the 30th, got to work and had completed the transformation of our home by the next afternoon. Ashton and Juan walked the site to assure everything was complete and the crew did a great job of clean up. Bryan did a final walk through with us to assure a complete, quality job. Overall it was an exceptional effort and the house looks new.
Chris SchwappachChris Schwappach
23:30 19 Jun 22
We were very happy with both Javi and Felipe and their crews. They worked well together and were all very hard workers. Also, kudos to Ashton and Juan. Our stucco project looks great and we highly recommend Tesuque. Ramona and Bryan were fantastic - thanks!

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